Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is an essential component in making use of your outdoor space, by both highlighting features such as trees, buildings or water fountains, to practically illuminating pathways and event spaces to ensure your guests can see where they are going.

We have a range of various IP rated lighting units in our inventory which are guaranteed to transform your outdoor area.

Whether you’re holding a garden party, wedding or corporate event our atmospheric lighting will be a sure way to make your event shine to its full potential.

Festoon lighting hire


Illuminate hedge rows, create pathways or hang it from trees. Festoon is ideal for placing along paths and walkways. We stock 10m strings, with warm white LED bulbs.

Colour Wash

Uplight outdoor features such as trees, hedges, buildings and so much more. Our IP rated LED colour wash fixtures are bright, versatile and can produce any colour imaginable making them essential for any project.

Colour Wash lighting hire
Floodlighting hire


Illuminate large spaces with our 400 watt floodlights. We often use these to shine up manor houses, or light up large trees in all their glory. Available in a selection of colours, these lights are both great for a visual and functional purpose as the light will not only illuminate features, but also provide ambient light to the surfaces it bounces onto.

Garden Parties

Outdoor lighting is the perfect way to showcase your stunning garden. We can totally transform and bring it to life when the sun goes down. Not only will the visual impact of our lighting blow you away, it’ll also provide practical ambient lighting for your guests to see where they are going.

Lighting hire for garden parties
Lighting hire for Weddings


Whether you’re holding your wedding at a hotel, private house, barn or marquee you’ll be surprised at how much time your guests will spend outside during your evening reception. A great way to make use of the outdoor space is to beautifully light up the surrounding trees, hedges, walls and pathways with our outdoor lighting. You can even match the colours to your daytime colour scheme.

Seasonal Lighting

Seasonal lighting is a great way to ‘paint’ the front of hotels, estates, private homes and much more in colour (s) of your choice. Are you wanting to make the front of your hotel look extra welcoming for your guests over the December period? Or maybe add some vivid colours to the trees in your garden? Get in touch to learn more.

Lighting hire for seasonal lighting

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